1958 Chevy Delray 50/50 EZ Air Ride F/R Suspension Kit
1958 Chevy Delray 50/50 EZ Air Ride F/R Suspension Kit

1958 Chevy Delray 50/50 EZ Air Ride F/R Suspension Kit

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Are you building your dreams on a budget?  We can help you make those dreams come true. The 50/50 kits will give you the taste of champagne on beer budget.

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Our 50/50 air ride kits feature our single-paddle gauge panel. This control panel has 1 of our exclusive EZ Air Ride dual-needle gauges and 1 toggle-style paddle valve. This is an ideal kit for those who need a little adjustability at either end of their ride, but have a smaller budget. Whether your ride has a saggy butt or the guy before you cut or torched the front springs, you can improve your ride's stance with the 50/50. Simply put, this kit is great if you need help with clearance issues when loading you car into a trailer or they also work great when used in the rear for load assistance when taking the family out for a Sunday drive. With our vehicle specific SET IT & FORGET IT brackets, a Viair 444C Chrome Compressor, 2 Air Lift Dominators, a 7-gallon air tank, and our custom designed fittings you will get that stance you've been looking for at the price you need.

Later on, if you decide to add air ride to the other end, you're already more than halfway there! To have a complete air ride kit, you'll just need the bags and brackets, another paddle valve, more fittings and the air line to finish the job. The best part is that, in the interest of maintaining our stellar customer service, we will comp you a new 2-way gauge panel!

EZ Air Ride kits are designed for easy installation with maximum drop. No major fabrication is involved; these kits are 100% bolt-on ready. Our kits come with top-quality parts, ensuring the highest-level of performance possible. The EZ Air Ride kits are the most budget-friendly in the industry, promising users a full wallet after their purchase.  EZ Air Ride has exclusive parts you won't find anywhere else, such as: fittings, gauges, air tanks, and valves. With our quality parts and low prices, no one can compete with us.

Before Buying
Before you spend your hard earned money on an air suspension kit make sure you do your research. Don't let the keyboard-clickers resell you another company's parts. We are the manufacturer of our gauges, brackets, air line, valves, fittings and tanks. The only thing we don't make are the Viair compressors and the Air Lift Dominator air bags. That is because they are great products and a staple in the air ride industry. Why buy from a re-seller? Go direct with the manufacturer.

Air Tank
Many companies like to save a buck on the air tanks they send out in their kits. They like to sell 3- or 5-gallon tanks, hoping you'll fall for the line, "...it will fill up fast". You may be wondering, "Will it hold enough air to fill up your bags in one go? I guess, if they talk you into buying a second tank. We are here to save you a headache and make your ride fun and safe. We offer an exclusive 7-gallon tank, that we manufacture, with all of our kits. Our tank fits perfectly in most trunks or under the bed between the frame rails of most trucks, giving you plenty of air to lift your vehicle. Save your time and money on installing two tanks and just buy a kit with the exact size tank your vehicle needs.

A common misconception with an aluminum tank is that users do not have to worry about corrosion. It is true, aluminum does not rust but it does hold condensation. That condensation can get into your air lines and valves causing those to rust; which can contaminate the other components. Our tank is made out of steel and has an anti-corrosive coating inside and out for years of protection for your air ride system. This tank will last as long as you let it, if properly cared for.

Air Bags
"Friends don't let friends buy Firestone bags." Yes, that is a saying for a reason. Firestone may make great products, but in our opinion their air bags are only great for what they were originally designed for&ellip; and that is big rig suspension and the seats of truckers bottoms. For example: on an old school Impala, a Firestone 2500lb air bag will not start lifting the front end of the vehicle until around 140-150psi, but the AirLift Dominator will start lifting around 100psi. Unlike the Firestone, the Dominator will keep going to give the lift you desire and the ultimate drop without the swelling effect you get with a Firestone bag. Firestone bags balloon outward as they inflate which may cause the bag to rub on the sway bar, shocks, etc. This will ultimately end with the air bag failing. The Dominator has hardly any expansion and actually contracts as it lifts the vehicle. It also has a longer stroke than the Firestone bag. The Firestone 267c is rated by Firestone at a 4-inch travel height. The Dominators have 7.7 and 9.7 inches of usable stroke. With 600psi of maximum pressure, heavy-weight capacity, and higher-stroke rating why would you choose anything other than an Air Lift Dominator? Combine the Dominators with our exclusive SET IT & FORGET IT brackets and you get a perfect marriage (for your ride's suspension that is).

Be on the lookout when you buy brackets from the other guys. They cut and roll sheet metal and sometimes their welds can be unfinished and unsafe. Do you really want your vehicle sitting on that? You will also be lucky if your bracket is round. Have you ever tried shoving an oblong bracket into a round spring pocket? It just doesn't work. It appears as though none of these ABC Fab shops have any quality control in mind when designing a bracket. They don't consider specific vehicle types, instead they just give you a cup that bolts to the top side of your bag and a disk to weld on to your lower A-arm. We know one coil over car is not the same as the next coil over car. All of our brackets are designed and manufactured to fit to each specific vehicle. We make our brackets with seamless pipe that we weld onto a durable steel disk, so you don t have to worry about your brackets bursting from shoddy welds. Our brackets will fit easily and safely in your vehicle's spring pocket. We also powder coat them to protect from rust while giving you a nice, clean look. When you are shopping this kit around make sure your brackets are made with seamless pipe and not rolled sheet metal.

We use only the best in compressors. That's why we use Viair 444C Air Compressors! These heavy duty compressors bring the high performance of a Viair 480C at a lower price point. Not to mention they weigh less and produce less heat thanks to their "intercooler" head design that helps disperse heat much more efficiently. These compressors were designed from the ground up to provide insane reliability paired with the performance you expect from a Viair product. It will fill a 2.5-gallon (11-liter) tank from 0 to 200psi in five minutes reliably and recharge from 165psi back to 200psi in less than a minute and a half!

This Kit Includes:

Steel 7-Gallon Tank

We custom-designed this tank to fit nicely in between the frame rails of most trucks. For those who will not be mounting this tank directly to their frame, we offer specially designed brackets that act as feet so the tank may sit comfortably in your trunk. This tank comes with 5 ports total: (2) 3/8" ports on the ends, (2) 1/2" ports on the opposing faces, and a 1/4" port for the drain on the bottom.

A common misconception with an aluminum tank is that users do not have to worry about rust. The fact is, rust will affect the rest of your air ride components. Condensation can and will occur in any tank, which will then get into your air lines and valves causing rust and contaminating other components. Our tank is made of steel and has an anti-corrosive coating inside and out for years of corrosion protection. If you take care of your tank, your tank will take care of you.

Weight: 22lbs.
Tank length: 29" (overall length is 33" with side flanges)
Diameter: 8"

Viair  444c Chrome Compressor

This heavy duty compressor brings the performance of its big brother, the 480C but with less cost, less weight and less heat. These compressors are designed from the ground up to provide unmatched reliability paired with the performance you expect from a Viair product. The 444C air compressors feature an "intercooler" head design that helps disperse heat efficiently!

50/50 Single-paddle Gauge Panel

Our gauge panel features 1 of our exclusive EZ Air Ride, domed-glass, dual-needle gauges along with 1 paddle valve for front or back control. These billet gauge panels were designed to give you that classic look when mounting them in your vehicle. Simply SET IT & FORGET IT

Fitting Pack

This pack comes with all of the EZ Air Ride exclusive fittings you need to assemble your EZ Air Ride kit.

Air Bag Brackets

Our SET IT & FORGET IT line of brackets were designed with you in mind. We have custom made these brackets to fit your specific year vehicle. They are 100% bolt on and require absolutely no welding. Just bolt these in place of your factory coils and you're done. It's as simple as that justSET IT & FORGET IT.

AirLift Dominators

EZ Air Ride is proud to stock and supply Air Lift's Dominator series line of air bags: the Dominator D2500! These air bags feature an astounding maximum restrained pressure of 600psi, 7.7" of usable stroke and a load range of 294-2096lbs. These bad boys will give you the performance you crave. You'll get more lift, a softer, smoother ride and a great price. You can't go wrong with the new Dominator D2500!
* NOTE: Never exceed manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Leak-free EZ Air Line

Our air line is manufactured by us and made out of Nylon with leak-free technology. We give you enough of this air line to complete your project.

EZ Air Ride Survival Kit

Don't let the other guys charge you $50-$80 for this kit, we include it for free!

  • Relay w/ EZ color-coded plug-in harness
  • 40 Amp fuse w/ holder
  • 8 Gauge power wire (O2-Free/Not CCA)
  • Thread locker/Loctite 545
  • Cable ties
  • Flashlight
  • Stickers
  • Coozie
  • Shop rag