61-62 Cadillac DeVille Bag Brackets & Air Bags Combo Pack
61-62 Cadillac DeVille Bag Brackets & Air Bags Combo Pack

61-62 Cadillac DeVille Bag Brackets & Air Bags Combo Pack

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The EZ Air Ride Set It & Forget It brackets are part of our exclusive line of 100% bolt-on air bag suspension parts. We have designed our brackets for the weekend warrior, making everything easy to install saving you time and headaches. We have spent countless hours refining our brackets to be the best for each specific vehicle. There is no welding or cutting involved, simply Set It & Forget It.

Before Buying
Be on the lookout when you buy brackets from the other guys. They roll metal that is half way welded, leaving the bracket unfinished and unsafe. Do you really want your vehicle sitting on that? We make our brackets with seamless pipe that we weld onto a durable steel disk, so you don t have to worry about your brackets bursting from shoddy welds. We also powder coat them to protect from rust while giving you a nice clean look. When you are shopping around make sure your brackets are made with seamless pipe and not rolled metal.

This combo pack comes with front and rear brackets and 4 AirLift Dominator 2500 air bags.

AirLift Dominator D2500
The Dominator D2500 is the first model from the brand new Dominator series of air springs from Air Lift. Featuring an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 7.7 inch usable stroke, and a load range of 294-2096 lbs, the Dominator D2500 will give you the performance you crave. With more lift, a softer, smoother ride, and the lowest price in the industry, you can not go wrong with the new Dominator D2500. 


  • Weight: 7lb - Minimum compression is 2.8" - Maximum extension is 10.5"
  • Fully adjustable rear air springs level your vehicle when towing or hauling a heavy load for a safe comfortable ride
  • Easily replaces your vehicle's standard rear coil springs to eliminate sag and bottoming out
  • Rugged durable materials used ensure that air springs and all hardware will last indefinitely under proper conditions
  • Inflatable up to absolute max of 500 psi, with a minimum of 5 psi and provides up to 1,000 pounds of leveling capacity
  • Both air springs can be inflated to the same pressure via a single air line, or can be inflated to differing pressure when needed via a dual air line configuration

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