Universal Cups 50/50 EZ Air Ride F/R Suspension Kit

Universal Cups 50/50 EZ Air Ride F/R Suspension Kit

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Universal Cups 50/50 EZ Air Ride Front Suspension Kit

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Our 50/50 air ride kits feature our single paddle gauge panel. This control panel has 1 of our exclusive EZ Air Ride dual needle gauge and 1 analog paddle valves. This is an ideal kit for those who already have the perfect stance in the rear but just need a little adjustability in the front such as: clearance issues when loading you car into a trailer. These kits also work great when used in the rear for load assist when taking the family out on a Sunday drive. With our vehicle specific SET IT & FORGET IT brackets, a Viair 444c Chrome Compressor, 2 Airlift Dominators, a 7 gallon air tank, and our custom designed fittings you will get that stance you've been looking for.

EZ Air Ride kits are designed for easy installation with maximum drop. No major fabrication is involved; these kits are 100% bolt-on ready. Our kits come with top quality parts, ensuring the user the highest level of performance possible. The EZ Air Ride kits are the most budget friendly in the industry, promising users a full wallet after their purchase.  EZ Air Ride has exclusive parts you won t find anywhere else, such as: fittings, gauges, air tanks, and valves. With our quality parts and low prices, no one can compete with us.

Before Buying
Before you spend your hard earned money on an air suspension kit make sure you do your research first. Don t let the keyboard clickers resell you another companies parts. We are the manufacturer of our gauges, brackets, air tube, valves, fittings, and tanks. The only thing we don t make is the Viair compressor and the Airlift Dominator air bag, and that is because they are great products and a staple in the air ride industry. Why buy from a reseller? Go direct with the manufacturer.

Be on the lookout when you buy brackets from the other guys. They roll metal that they half way weld, leaving welds unfinished and unsafe. Do you really want your vehicle sitting on that? We make our brackets with seamless pipe that we weld onto a durable steel disk, so you don t have to worry about your brackets bursting from shoddy welds. We also powder coat them to protect from rust while giving you a nice clean look. When you are shopping this kit around make sure your brackets are made with seamless pipe and not rolled metal.


This Kit Includes:

7 Gallon Tank

We custom  designed this tank to fit nicely in-between the frame rails of most trucks. For  those who will not be mounting this tank we offer specially designed brackets that act  as feet so the tank may sit comfortably in your trunk. This tank comes with 5  ports total - 2 3/8 ports on the ends, 2 ½ ports on the opposing faces, and a  ¼ port for the drain on the bottom.

A common misconception with an aluminum tank is that users do not have to worry about rust. As it is  true aluminum does not rust, condensation will occur in any tank, getting into your air lines and  valves causing rust and contaminating other major components. Our tank is made  out of steel and has a coating inside and out for years of corrosion protection.  This tank will last as long as you let it, if properly taken care for.   

Weight: 22 pounds
Tank length- 29" (overall length  33" with side flanges)
Diameter-  8"


Viair  444c Chrome Compressor

This heavy duty compressor brings the performance of a Viair 480C at less cost, less weight and less heat. These compressors are designed from the ground up to provide insane reliability paired with the performance you expect from a Viair product. The 444C air compressors feature a brand new, patent-pending, "intercooler" head design that helps disperse heat much more efficiently!

It will fill a 2.5 gallon (11 liter) tank from 0 to 200 PSI in five minutes reliably and recharge from 165 back to 200 PSI in under a minute and a half!


Single Paddle Gauge Panel

Our gauge panel features 1 of our exclusive EZ Air Ride domed glass - dual needle gauge along with 1 paddle valves for front or back control. These billet gauge panels were designed to give you that classic look when mounting them in your vehicle. Simply SET IT & FORGET IT

Fitting Pack

This pack comes with all of the EZ Air Ride  exclusive fittings you need to assemble an EZ Air Ride kit.

Air Bag Brackets

Our SET IT AND FORGET IT line of brackets were designed with you in mind. We have custom made these  brackets to fit your specific year vehicle. They are 100% bolt on and require absolutely  no welding. Just bolt these in place of your factory coils and you re done. It s  as simple as that; just SET IT AND FORGET IT .

AirLift Dominators

Air Lift Performance is proud to announce the second model from the brand new Dominator series line of air springs: the Dominator D2600! Featuring an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 9.7 usable stroke, and a load range of 349-3055 lbs. This bad boy will give you the performance you crave. With more lift, a softer, smoother ride, and the lowest price in the industry, you can t go wrong with the new Dominator D2600! * Never exceed manufacturer s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Leak Free EZ Air Tube

Our air tubing is manufactured by us and made out of Nylon with leak free technology. We give you enough of this air line to bag your entire ride.

EZ Air Ride Survival Kit

This kit comes with all of the incidentals the other guys forget to give you, making our kit truly EZ to install. We have made sure you get everything you need for a fast and fun installation without having to make extra trips to the hardware store.