1959-1964 Pontiac Bonneville Elite EZ Air Ride Suspension Kit - PLUS FREE ezDrain Upgrade for a Limited Time!
1959-1964 Pontiac Bonneville Elite EZ Air Ride Suspension Kit - PLUS FREE ezDrain Upgrade for a Limited Time!

1959-1964 Pontiac Bonneville Elite EZ Air Ride Suspension Kit - PLUS FREE ezDrain Upgrade for a Limited Time!

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Part Number:EL-59-Bonneville
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Give your ride the performance, stability, and stance it deserves with our exclusive 4CC Elite Kit! Our Elite kits come with (2) 3/8" Manifold valves, front and rear brackets from our Set It & Forget It line, 4 Airlift Dominators, our EZ Air Shock Relocator Kit, dual compressors, an EZ Air Ride exclusive 7 gallon air tank, and our very own dual needle dual gauge panel. To make your installation faster and easier you can count on instructions, pictorials, and all the hardware needed to get your ride back on the road. Give your vehicle the ultimate air ride performance with the EZ Air Ride Elite Kit.

EZ Air Ride kits are designed with you in mind... Craftsman tool box and a socket set. No major fabrication is involved; these kits are 100% bolt-on ready. As you will see, our kits come with top quality parts, ensuring the user the highest level of performance possible. The EZ Air Ride kits are the most budget friendly in the industry, promising users a full wallet after their purchase. EZ Air Ride has exclusive parts you won't find anywhere else, such as: fittings, gauges, air tanks, and valves. With our quality parts and low prices, no one can compete with us.



This Kit Includes:

7 Gallon Tank - NOTE: Candy Red Paint on tank in image above is for display only. Your tank will come to you in our durable black coating.

We custom designed this tank to fit nicely in-between the frame rails of most trucks. For those who will not be mounting this tank we offer specially designed brackets that act as feet so the tank may sit comfortably in your trunk. This tank comes with 5 ports total - 2 3/8 ports on the ends, 2 ½ ports on the opposing faces, and a ¼ port for the drain on the bottom.

A common misconception with an aluminum tank is that users do not have to worry about rust. As it is true aluminum does not rust, condensation will occur in any tank, getting into your air lines and valves causing rust and contaminating other major components. Our tank is made out of steel and has a coating inside and out for years of corrosion protection. This tank will last as long as you let it, if properly taken care for.

Weight: 22 pounds
Tank length- 29" (overall length 33" with side flanges)
Diameter- 8"

Tank Brackets

These brackets have been designed to fit our exclusive air tanks, making mounting easy and headache free.

Dual EZ Air Ride 454ssc Chrome Compressors

This heavy-duty compressor brings the performance of larger compressors at a lower price, with less weight and less heat generation. These compressors were designed to provide amazing reliability paired with high performance. The 454ssc air compressors feature a high-efficiency head design that helps disperse heat effectively!

Dual Needle Dual Gauge Panel

This gauge panel features 2 of our exclusive EZ Air Ride domed glass - dual needle gauges. These billet gauge panels were designed to give you that classic look when mounting them in your vehicle. Simply SET IT & FORGET IT

EZ Air Ride Manifold Valves

These manifold valves are an EZ Air Ride exclusive. They are Made In The USA. These aluminum valves feature (2) 1/8" outlet ports for your gauges, (2) 3/8" outlet ports for your bags, (2) 1/8" outlet ports for slowdown silencers/mufflers and a 3/8" inlet port. Each valve block controls both the raise and drop of one end of your vehicle, making your installation much cleaner. Gone are the days of having a complex setup for individual control at each corner. These valves give you true 4-Corner Control 4CC. The 1/2" inlet port from the tank allows for higher volume of air; which lets you raise your vehicle at maximum speed. Included with these valves are slowdown mufflers/silencers that give you the ability to fine tune the speed and exhaust volume of the drop with the turn of a knob.

7 Switch Box

  • Cord with male and female connectors
  • 12 volt inputs for your remote up and dump options - (hooks up to your alarm or remote system. May require relays)
  • Size is only 5" x 2" x 1"
  • Controls 8 Valves Individually


Elite Fitting Pack

This pack comes with all of the EZ Air Ride exclusive fittings you need to assemble an EZ Air Ride Elite kit.

Air Bag Brackets

Our SET IT AND FORGET IT line of brackets were designed with you in mind. We have custom made these brackets to fit your specific year vehicle. They are 100% bolt on and require absolutely no welding. Just bolt these in place of your factory coils and you re done. It s as simple as that; just SET IT AND FORGET IT .

Universal Shock Relocators & Shocks

Shock absorbers are what actually control the movement of the vehicle's suspension under rough driving conditions. Properly set-up shocks allow for precise and predictable control over your vehicle; whether heavy accelerating, braking, or cornering. In air suspension systems, shocks can also be important for other reasons. Air is compressible, and air-springs are essentially flexible pressure vessels, the spring rates vary. This variance is dependent on the height of the spring and the pressure inside. In most cases, this variability, along with the inability of the air-spring to damp shock, causes the vehicle to bounce continuously after hitting an irregularity in the road. Bouncing could unload the tires and make handling difficult. Shocks damp potential bouncing and allow the suspension to normalize very quickly keeping the contact patch of the tire pressed firmly against the road.

Note: The upper shock tower included in our kit will have to be professionally welded to the frame. The lower stud will simply be drilled and bolted to the lower A arm.

AirLift Dominators

Gen IV Dominator Series D2500; Single; 1/2 in. Port; Air Lift Performance is proud to announce the second model from the brand new Dominator series line of air springs: the Dominator D2500! Featuring an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 7.7" usable stroke, and a load range of 349-3055 lbs.; this bad boy will give you the performance you crave. With more lift, a softer, smoother ride, and the lowest price in the industry: you can't go wrong with the new Dominator D2500!


DOT Air Line

Our DOT-approved air line is made out of Nylon with leak free technology. We give you enough air line to bag your entire ride.

EZ Air Ride Survival Kit

Don't let the other guys charge you $50-$80 for this kit, we include it for free!

  • (2) Relay
  • (2) Relay Wire Harness
  • (2) 40 Amp Fuse w/ holder
  • 8 Gauge Power Wire (OXY Free/Not CCA)
  • Teflon Tape
  • Thread Locker/Loctite
  • Cable Ties
  • Flashlight
  • Stickers
  • Switchbox Wiring Harness


From the creators of the Air Ride Survival Kit, EZ Air Ride brings you the all new Spare Air Kit! Now you can fill up your tires, spray off dust or water with your on board air. The Spare Air kit includes a special brass Tee fitting to connect your pressure switch and a quick connect valve to your 7 Gallon EZ Air Tank. Our Spare Air kit also allows you to fill up your air tank with the compressor in your garage or at a gas station. EZ Air Ride suspension kits are the first and only to now feature on board air as a no-cost luxury that comes standard in every kit. Make your air ride kit more universal with EZ Air Ride's all new Spare Air.

  • Brass Tee
  • JAtech Stainless Steel, Safety Series Coupler
  • 25' Coil Air Hose
  • Quick Connect Plug
  • Brass Air Chuck
  • Schrader Valve w/ cap.