AirLift Dominator Air Bag - D2600
AirLift Dominator Air Bag - D2600

AirLift Dominator Air Bag - D2600

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Part Number:D2600

Air Lift Performance is proud to announce the second model from the brand new Dominator series line of air springs: the Dominator D2600! Featuring an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 9.7? usable stroke, and a load range of 349-3055 lbs. This bad boy will give you the performance you crave. With more lift, a softer, smoother ride, and the lowest price in the industry, you can t go wrong with the new Dominator D2600!

* Never exceed manufacturer s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Firestone VS Air Lift
Friends don't let friends buy Firestone bags. Yes, that is a saying for a reason. Firestone may make great products, but in our opinion their air bags are only great for what they were originally designed for... and that is big rig suspension and the seats of truckers bottoms. For example: on an old school Impala, a Firestone 2500lb bags will not start lifting the front end of the vehicle until around 140-150 PSI, but the AirLift Dominator will start lifting around 100 PSI. Unlike the Firestone, the Dominator will keep going to give the lift you desire and the ultimate drop without the swelling effect you get with a Firestone bag. Firestone bags balloon as they inflate which may cause the bag to rub on the sway bar, shocks, etc. This will ultimately end with the air bag failing. The Dominator has hardly any expansion and actually contracts as it lifts the vehicle. It also has more stroke than the Firestone bag. The Firestone 267c is rated by Firestone at a 4 inch travel height. The Dominators have 7.7 and 9.7 inches of usable stroke. With 600 pounds of pressure, heavy weight capacity, and higher stroke rating why would you choose anything other than an AirLift Dominator? Combine the Dominators with our exclusive Set It & Forget It brackets and you get a perfect marriage.