EZ Flush Air Tank Drain™ Kit
EZ Flush Air Tank Drain™ Kit

EZ Flush Air Tank Drain™ Kit

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Does your trunk area look anything like this?


If so, then the EZ Flush Kit is perfect for your ride. If not, it may still be perfect for your ride. We understand that your vehicle has to look its best all the time. Also, nobody wants to tear their trunk apart just to get moisture out of their air tank. But we also know that we have to take care of our air ride systems just like we do with our shop compressors; periodically maintaining them by removing any built up moisture.

That's where the EZ Flush comes in!

We make it EZ for you to get any moisture, that has accumulated, out of your system. Other companies will try to sell you on the importance of water traps, but not us. Water traps are a pain and you still have to have some kind of access to get near your tank. With the EZ Flush, there's no need. Your trunk's interior can stay as is and you don't have to fold yourself into a pretzel trying to get to the tank, just to get sprayed. 

We make moisture removal EZ!


Just a push of the button and your tank is empty of all moisture. Exactly WHERE all that moisture goes is up to you. With all the air pressure that your tank will have, and what will essentially be a water cannon, we strongly suggest that you route the outlet down and out towards the pavement and NOT towards the old lady at the crosswalk. 

And with the extra pole on the included momentary switch, you could hook up some other fun accessory, like maybe a train horn.

Again, we do not suggest you go out blasting your horn and water at old ladies at the crosswalk.