Tips & Tricks

First Fill For A Long Lasting Compressor
Your new Viair 444c Chrome Compressor is a true workhorse and will give you years of great performance. The first time your fill up your air tank your new Viair compressor will want to hit 200 PSI before it shuts it's self off. Your compressor is not only filling the tank but all of your airlines as well. It's like filling up a new water heater for the first time, the water has to spread through the rest of your houses pluming as well. We suggest running your compressor in 3 to 4 minute intervals then manually turning it off to cool down. Start purging your air lines by pushing your switches. Once you have hit 200 PSI the compressor will turn off on its own. Expect it to start automatically turning on around 160 PSI.

Air Bags: What You Need To Know
Because you have chosen EZ Air Ride your are now riding on the best and most reliable bags in the industry, Air Lift Dominators. Air Lift Dominators were designed to give your that optimal drop without the notorious balloon effect you get from the other bags. When installing your bags make sure to keep at least one inch of clearance to avoid rubbing, this includes clearance from the front sway bar. If you see your bag bend like a banana don't be alarmed, they were made to handle that. The banana effect is caused from your A Arm pivoting.

Air Line That Will Last
Although we use the highest quality materials, you’ll always want to be sure you cut your air line square and clean up the edges before inserting it into your fittings. Angled cuts can cause leaks and rough edges can damage your fittings. Different temperatures and weather conditions can cause your airline to be difficult to work with at times. When connecting your air line to the delivery barb on the back of your gauge panel try heating it up with a heat gun first. Be sure to lube the barb up to make sliding the air line on easier. A little dab of Windex works well. Keep in mind countless inserting and pulling out of the fitting can cause damage. Cut your air line to the desired length first. Our best advice is to measure twice, cut once.

All Thread: Keeping It Clean
All of your Set It & Forget It brackets come with pre cut all thread to make your install as easy as possible. Bear in mind, all vehicle have slight variations due to warm frame bushings, etc. For the cleanest install possible, you may want to trim the sticks of all thread.