Elite Manifolds

Our Elite Manifolds are some of the most popular products we sell.

All of our manifolds are fully pressure-tested and bench-tested for electrical continuity.

Scenario # 1
"Do the manifolds simply mount to the tank?"

The short answer is yes. We've designed our tanks with 2 reinforced bungs on the center to provide enough support to secure the manifolds directly to the tank with the supplied 90-degree tank-to-manifold fitting. That means less material, fewer connections, fewer leaks, less cost... you get the picture.

Scenario #2
"Can I run my power wires to a constant source?"

When it comes to electrical work, everyone has their preferences, but we highly recommend NOT wiring your system to a constant power source. We only recommend powering from a keyed source (i.e. ignition switch and radio are the most common) for the safety of your air ride system. When your ignition is off, your air ride is off. Also, some customers have asked if they can power their manifolds from the relays connected to the compressors. The answer...NO, DO NOT USE THE RELAY TO POWER YOUR MANIFOLDS. This can cause unwanted damage to your electrical components.

True story. A customer had his air ride system (not ours) powered all the time. He stored his vehicle in a barn and rats ate through the air lines; which caused the pressure switch to turn the compressor on. That completely fried the compressor as well as killed the battery... and possibly the rats.

Scenario #3
"I have everything hooked up as shown on the diagram and one corner won't raise."

Over the years we have had a few incidents where the electrical connectors weren't fully plugged into the manifolds. If the plugs are not lined up and fully engaged, the connection WILL NOT WORK!

Just another piece of advice... as with any electric manifold, they only like dry, compressed air. Any contaminant (threadlock, teflon tape, pipe dope) can cause damage over time. We only recommend using LocTite 545 threadlock 2-3 drops per fitting. When you thread it, it will spread it. Never put any sealant on the first thread as the the first revolution will push the sealant into your brand new manifold. And always let the LocTite cure for at least 12 hours.

Further Assistance

One of our amazing customers created some helpful videos of his install that might help you. Check out the Bass Cars & Race Cars Channel on Youtube!